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Underwhelmed (Part One)

January 31, 2012

Normally when I write here, I do my best to keep my criticisms in the general category. (E.g., I’ll express my distrust/dislike for all politicians instead of targeting a specific politician or political party even when it was a specific person or event that sparked my observation in the first place.)  I do this not because I’m afraid of expressing a specific opinion, but, ironically enough, because I don’t want the specific opinion I want to focus on to get lost in an argument over other, albeit irrelevant to my point, specifics.

For instance, I have, to put it mildly, profoundly disagreed with some of the policy decisions of the Obama administration, but saying it that way, particularly with an election coming up, triggers too many automatic agreeing head nods from people who aren’t really agreeing with me.  They just don’t like Obama, oftentimes for reasons that I disagree with even more profoundly that I do with the Obama administration, and suddenly I find my complaint about a policy that began under the Bush administration (a fact oftentimes conveniently forgotten in the realms of political rhetoric) and continued by Obama’s administration, has triggered an “Us vs. Them” firestorm that is beside my point.

But sometimes there’s no way I can find to avoid the specifics, and this is one of those cases, which makes this, all things considered, a pretty heavy intro to what is essentially just a movie review.

So Anything I Still Can’t Cope With Is Therefore My Own Problem

January 30, 2012

Five to one against and falling . . . four to one against and falling . . . three to one . . . two . . . one . . . probability factor of one to one . . . we have normality, I repeat we have normality.

The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy


Status For 1/27/12

January 27, 2012

Obviously this week has been pretty hit and miss for me.  In no small part this was due to a steady diet of getting up at O’dark-thirty this week.  Once I realized this was going to be the week’s pattern, I decided to see how well I wrote at that time of day since I was going to be up anyway.

And the answer is . . . not so well.  This answer also applies to how well I think at that time of day, how easily I smile, and how skillfully I can perform motor skills in general.

A lot’s changed in my life since the birth of my son, but apparently that’s not one of them.

Good to know.

Classified Ad

January 26, 2012

Missing, one sense of coherence, focus, and well-being.

If found, please alert me at the following address:

Little To Say Today, But Lots To Do

January 25, 2012

Well done is better than well said.

Benjamin Franklin


January 24, 2012

So I really am feeling a lot better today, but evidence suggests that for a bit longer I should do my best to avoid social situations and children’s programming.  You see, I’m at the particular point of wonky that if I hear a question asked, it bypasses my normal social filters and my impulse is to automatically say out loud the first thing that comes to mind.

The drawback of this in social situations should be obvious, and if you don’t see how children’s programming relates, let me just say that it’s not safe right now for me to be asked (and yes, this actually happened),”What sound does P make?”

Never Tell Me The Odds

January 23, 2012

If I had to pick one word to describe myself last week, I’d have to pick the word “unctional,” because while I felt well enough to return to at least the occasional semblance of active duty, so to speak, there wasn’t enough fun in me last week to call me functional.

To make matters worse, this trend is doing a good job of extending into this week as well (which will explain, at least in part, why I’m composing this entry around one in the morning), and to be cautiously pessimistic, the odds of me instantly turning this around are pretty bleak.

Hey, but at least now I’ve got an excuse to slip a pop culture reference into an entry title, so at least it’s not a total wash.

Status For 1/20/12

January 20, 2012

Well the delay panned out . . . just not in the way any of us were expecting.  (Life’s funny that way sometimes.)

The big mystery was a URL that I thought I wanted for my new website was close to re-entering the public domain, a URL that when the possibility was brought to me of it becoming available, my honest thought was “That’s perfect!”  That’s why I decided to wait for it.

Good thing too, because the delay led to the discovery of a URL even more perfect:  (What can I say?  I’m a fan of alliteration.)

One of the things this means is that, as this site is actually mine, I’ll have the freedom to do a lot more with it than the old one.

Next step, do a lot more with the new site . . .

A Topical Typical Instead Of A Typical Topic

January 19, 2012

If I’ve ever looked at a girl and found her at all attractive, then, yes, I’ve indulged in at least a brief speculation of “I wonder what it would be like to [insert your own fill in the blank joke here, just leave room for mine.]”

But before anybody out there rolls their eyes and sneers “typical guy,” let me finish.

With that said, I’ve also never (well . . . almost never) mistaken my curiosity and speculation as being the same thing as it being a good idea to try to find out, and that really is typical guy (and girl) behavior.  Yes, I’ve known exceptions too, but the exceptions, despite what stand-up comedians would have you believe, are not typical.

I Know Why, But Do You?

January 18, 2012

Huh, that’s interesting, lot of odd banners and in some cases full blackouts on certain sites today.

Whatever the reason why, some people must think it’s pretty important, I guess.

(The lack of link here is deliberate.  If you’re interested enough to get involved, you’re interested enough to find your own information and make your own conclusions.)