Underwhelmed (Part One)

Normally when I write here, I do my best to keep my criticisms in the general category. (E.g., I’ll express my distrust/dislike for all politicians instead of targeting a specific politician or political party even when it was a specific person or event that sparked my observation in the first place.)  I do this not because I’m afraid of expressing a specific opinion, but, ironically enough, because I don’t want the specific opinion I want to focus on to get lost in an argument over other, albeit irrelevant to my point, specifics.

For instance, I have, to put it mildly, profoundly disagreed with some of the policy decisions of the Obama administration, but saying it that way, particularly with an election coming up, triggers too many automatic agreeing head nods from people who aren’t really agreeing with me.  They just don’t like Obama, oftentimes for reasons that I disagree with even more profoundly that I do with the Obama administration, and suddenly I find my complaint about a policy that began under the Bush administration (a fact oftentimes conveniently forgotten in the realms of political rhetoric) and continued by Obama’s administration, has triggered an “Us vs. Them” firestorm that is beside my point.

But sometimes there’s no way I can find to avoid the specifics, and this is one of those cases, which makes this, all things considered, a pretty heavy intro to what is essentially just a movie review.

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