Status For 3/16/12


Turns out that metaphorical banana cream pie in my ear that I mentioned last week was poisonous.  Either that, or attempting to clear out some things from the back room triggered a minor but annoying ancient Egyptian curse.  (I may have been putting off clearing that room a little too long . . .)   Regardless, plague hit the household this week; nothing major, and Bu was thankfully spared, but I gained a fresh appreciate how being “a little under the weather” becomes a little more complicated when a little one is involved even when the little one isn’t the one sick.

I also gained a fresh appreciation of exactly what happens when I make vague plans like I did last week (i.e, nothing of consequence).

So next week the plan is to blow the dust off the idea I have for working with the new website and putting it to the test by no later than next Friday.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I may need to lie down . . .

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