A Draft From The Past

Yesterday I was admittedly surprisingly harsh in my entry, with emphasis on the surprising.  My intent when sitting down to write had been to dash off something lighthearted, maybe even congratulatory to the person who recently turned 18 and inspired my thinking on the subject, you see.  But something unexpected happened when I started to write:

I had a flashback to how I felt, how I really felt when I turned 18, and I ended up writing that down instead, albeit more in essence than precisely word for word.  I could have written it word for word, and even used fewer words to do so, but I decided against it since most of those words would have been of the “four-letter” variety.

Funny how things change, and how they don’t change over time.  I still feel the way I did then.

I’m just more eloquent about it these days.

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