But To Each Their Own

Occasionally I’m approached by someone about my writings and informed, “I really liked this story,” which is always nice to hear.  Sometimes however, this is followed up with a usually vaguely apologetic, “Now, this other story, no so much . . .”  This is, of course, less nice to hear.

But it’s understandable, and so long as it’s said politely, I never take offense.  Even among my favorite authors, there’s not one among them that I think wrote the perfect story for my tastes every time.  For instance, despite my admiration for Arthur Conan Doyle, I’ve read works of his that just didn’t work for me.  This doesn’t lessen my admiration for him in the slightest.

Mind you, if given the opportunity to speak with the man, that’s not what I would choose to discuss with him.

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