Status For 7/27/12

Not as good as last time (the little one had a particularly rough night last night, and brought me along for the ride), but still pretty good.

Wrapped up my second complete story on the webpage, and my update schedule is becoming an even more comfortable part of my routine even with all the last-minute changes I felt impelled to make on this one.

You see the theory is that I have these stories ready to post before I actually start posting them, but in practice, even under the best of circumstances, there are little formatting changes and the like that I end up doing along the way.  This time around I made a lot of last-minute tweaks, and this wasn’t always easy with a 20-month old bouncing around on my foot, but I got them done anyway.

It wasn’t an experience I would care to repeat anytime soon though, so the next story is going to get an even more extra-thorough going over before I start posting it on the 7th.  I console myself with the thought that finding time to write and edit will get easier on me again as time goes by.

In another ten to fifteen years, granted, but that’s still something to look forward to.

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