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Today IS “One Of Those Days” Though

July 17, 2012

Slight bout with food poisoning today.  (Slight in the sense that I am mobile, albeit with difficulty.)

No doubt I shall be more verbose tomorrow, but for today, it’ll be a bit of a trick for me to get the next myth page up before tonight.

Oh, I’ll do it, of course.  It’ll just be a bit of a trick.

Filtered Perceptions

July 16, 2012

Today wasn’t “just one of those days” where I woke up in a foul mood, no, not at all.

I was awake at least thirty minutes before I hit the foul mood point.

The why is beside the point of this story, so suffice it to say that I spent the early part of my morning privately(1) snarling to myself as I went about assorted tasks, hashing and rehashing the concept of what it means to “deserve” something as I did so.

At the height of my fury, I went to put some things in the dryer (all it takes is one child for laundry to be a never-ending chore for multiple adults), pulled out the lint filter, and popped out a very startled little lizard.

Now, nobody put the lizard there, he crawled in there himself.  Had I neglected to check the lint filter, the little guy would probably have been baked to death, and he would have had nobody but himself to blame for putting himself in that situation.  True, he didn’t know how hot things could have gotten for him, but the case could certainly be made that he “deserved” what he nearly got.

And maybe he would have.

But I’m still glad I checked the lint filter.

And for whatever reason, that’s all it took for me to shake my foul mood.(2)

Go figure.

(1)  Very privately.  The little one did not deserve the fallout of my foul mood, so my mental tirades were frequently interrupted by playing blocks or the like.  I just picked the tirades up again when I was no longer needed for a few moments.

(2)  Well . . . mostly.  The situation that sparked my anger still exists and still needs to be addressed, but I’m done with the mental tirades for now at least.

Status For 7/13/12

July 13, 2012


What?  You want more than that?

Very good.

But seriously, things really have been pretty good here, so much so that I’m gearing up for a weekend of specific fun (as opposed to my usual haphazard weekend fun), so I’m off to go get the ball rolling on that.

Talk to you later.

Meating The Odds

July 12, 2012

Perhaps I am simply not trusting enough, but I believe that the possibility of life in other star systems is far greater than the possibility that a one dollar steak from a dollar store will be in any way good to eat.  Heck, for that matter I believe the possibility of life in other stars is greater than the possibility than it would be a good idea to eat that steak.

Because If You Do, You’ll Be Wishing You Mouthed Off To The Guy With The Gun Instead

July 11, 2012

A recurring topic of conversation with me has been the importance of not saying things, however foreign this concept has become to many in the current age.

Now to be clear, I am in no way talking about keeping silent about things that are hurting you or others.  If that’s the situation you are in, the right thing to do remains to speak up as soon as you can; just be sure to pick your timing carefully, because you’ll want to do so effectively and ideally safely as well.

No, what I’m talking about is the ability to not spew out your mouth every thought that comes into your brain, particularly when those thoughts themselves are the things that could hurt yourself or others.  If the gentlemen with the loaded gun and anger issues is looking your way, do not express your opinion of his ugly haircut unless you truly want that kind of attention on yourself.  And despite what some people say, there really are ugly babies out there.

But never, ever comment on that to the parents.

So There’s That

July 10, 2012

Yesterday, for reasons I can not yet adequately explain, I used the phrase “dollars to donuts.”  The funny thing is, even as I used it, I didn’t need the Wikipedia blurb to point out to me just how bad a bet dollars to donuts is these days, so I probably should have used the phrase donuts to dollars.

Times change, and not always for the better.

On the other hand, at least a donuts to dollars bet pairs nicely with a coffee to cents bet these days.

Elapsed Time, Five Hours

July 9, 2012

And I seem to have a functioning computer again.  Early this morning some innocent web browsing for some coffee for a friend netted me one of the most annoying malware I have ever experienced.  It just breezed passed all my computer’s defenses and started making itself obnoxious.

Fortunately, its lack of subtlety seems to have been its undoing, though it took a couple of full scans for me to feel confident saying that.  Since there’s no sign of it now, I don’t think it’s just hiding and biding its time, that doesn’t seem like its style at all, but if for some reason over the next couple of days I suddenly go Internet silent, dollars to donuts it’ll somehow be related to me being wrong about that.

Kiss Off

July 6, 2012

Have you ever had someone tell you they wanted to kiss you, but they said it in such a way that made you think what they really wanted to do was kiss your corpse at your funeral?

Wisdom Of The Magi

July 5, 2012

Hearken, brethren. When She-who-has-a-right-to-ask interrogates you concerning a change she finds in your mood answer her thus: Tell her that you, in a sudden rage, have murdered your grandmother; tell her that you have robbed orphans and that remorse has stricken you; tell her your fortune is swept away; that you are beset by enemies, by bunions, by any kind of malevolent fate; but do not, if peace and happiness are worth as much as a grain of mustard seed to you—do not answer her “Nothing.”

O. HenryThe Rubaiyat Of A Scotch Highball

Having A Blast For The 4th

July 4, 2012

Today is the 4th of July, the house is currently quiet, and L. is deeply asleep taking a nap.  (These last two things are strongly related, of course.)  All of this means I have an intersection of quiet and time to linger on this entry, an intersection that has been admittedly rare of late.

Pity I don’t have anything to say.

Well . . . nothing in particular to say about it being the 4th of July, I mean.  I very rarely have nothing to say.  It’s happened, of course . . . the last time was when I was a little younger than L., I think.

But in the spirit of rambling because I can, I shall find something to say that relates to July 4th, like why fireworks displays, no matter how grandiose, haven’t impressed me in decades:

You see, growing up I frequently saw fireworks displays put on by military bases, and let me tell you, military personnel put some serious effort into their parties and fireworks this time of year.  So much so that on more than one occasion I had the wry thought that things could start actually blowing up on the base, and nobody would even notice until the fireworks display was over.  (I was a morbid child.)

But as impressive as those displays were, it was one display in particular that made me jaded against all subsequent displays.

Picture in your mind an enormous cache of fireworks, all suitable to the biggest and wildest 4th of July display a military base could pull off.  Imagine the initial part of the show is over, just enough to warm up the crowd, but there are still lots and lots of fireworks to go before you reach the grand finale.

Now imagine a stray flame igniting that cache, setting off the entire shebang at once.

Yep, that’s what happened one year.

No fireworks display before or since has ever even come close to matching that one for me.  (And don’t worry.  To the best of my knowledge, nobody was hurt.  You don’t pull that kind of duty unless you can run, and run fast, and once they saw the fire, that’s exactly what they did.)