Who Ya Gonna Call? (Part One)

Well before the birth of my son, I ruminated on how strange the English language/culture is when it comes to bodily functions, and now that the toilet training stage has arrived for him, I have become even more aware of just how strange it is.  He has a nice little video to introduce the concept to him (Ah, the modern age!), but despite its best efforts, it frequently comes across as awkward to me, particularly the part where children are telling the camera their favorite words for bathroom functions.

It’s not the “pee pee” and “ca ca” words coming from children that bothers me, they’re children using child words and that’s fine, but every time I hear the group of little girls gleefully calling out “I really need to urinate!”, I’m freshly struck each time just how ridiculous it is to hear children using clinical terms since I can’t imagine they were taught to do so for any other reason than for the comfort of their parents.

(By the way, the post title will make more sense tomorrow, I promise.)

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