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And I Knew It Too

September 14, 2012

I’m not sure what I think you’re going to do with that, but I know you’re going to do it!

– L’s Mother to L. right after he grabbed a plastic fork off the table and then giggled

Big Bad News

September 13, 2012

So today I learned that my favorite roller coaster was permanently shut down a while back.

Granted, there are a lot more important things going on in the world right now to worry about, so worry about this I shall not.  It wasn’t really the biggest roller coaster, nor was it really the baddest roller coaster, and it certainly wasn’t the fastest roller coaster out there.

It was just my favorite, and I’m sorry you won’t be able to ride it for yourself, son.

Unless . . .

Does anybody know if the Akashic records has a roller coaster section?

Sad, But True

September 12, 2012


I seem to have been making an inordinate amount of short entries in Candles & Curses recently, and as you might imagine, this has less to do with having little to say, and more to do with having little time to say it in.

Let’s see what I can do to change that.

Not the most stellar of revelations, I admit, but yesterday brought with it a minor revelation, so let’s go with that:

You see, when I see someone sitting around in a public place speaking loudly on their cell phone about their “important business” in an obvious ploy to convince others how “important” they are, my reaction is always some flavor of “Who do they think they’re fooling?”(1)

Yesterday I realized the answer to that is “A lot more people than I’d like to believe.”


(1) Because I assure you, truly important business is never discussed in public . . . except by fools.


September 11, 2012

Today’s date sort of snuck up on me, so today I shall just light a candle and leave it at that.

This Makes The Point Even Better Than The Quote Itself

September 10, 2012

Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.

Attributed to Edgar Allan Poe

Also attributed to Benjamin Franklin

– Further attributed to Dinah Mulock Craik

Status For 9/7/12

September 7, 2012

To Do List

Rent extra storage space so I have the room I need to reclaim the back room.  Check.

Get enough sleep this week.

. . .

Ahem, I said “get enough sleep this week.”


(I sort of dropped the ball on that second one until today, so if you’ll excuse me, I have a LOT go catch up on before the sun sets.)

Another Rainy Day Thought

September 6, 2012

There are times it’s painfully clear to me that there are far too many members of the human race that are flat out incapable of understanding that just because it’s raining on them, that doesn’t make everyone else in the world wet too.

“Not ‘Till You’re Twelve, Son”

September 5, 2012

It just can’t be a good sign for your parenting energy level when you find yourself thinking,  “Oh look, the baby’s building a quantum death ray.  I should probably stop him, but . . . meh, he’s enjoying himself.”

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam!

September 4, 2012

I’ve commented before on some of the odd spam that I’ve seen while maintaining this blog, but rarely have I seen a spam that just seemed so jarringly out of place as one of the ones I just saw for A Thinking Philosopher’s Prayer:

“Now that’s what I call sweet cleavage…”

Are you serious?  You think Ralph Waldo EMERSON has sweet cleavage?

Is there even a name for that fetish?

This Seemed Hilarious To Me At 4:30 A.M.

September 3, 2012

Due to circumstances I am disinclined to elaborate on(1), I found myself getting up particularly early for me this morning so I could get behind the wheel of my car at 4:30 A.M.

Now I’ve found myself behind the wheel of the car during the five A.M. block on more than one occasion, but going forth during the four A.M. block was a new experience for me, and though the actual time difference wasn’t much, it was enough to multiply the reasons why I did not want to be awake, much less driving at four “go forth and multiplying” thirty in the morning.(2)


(1) Because I may have to do this again soon, and I’m clinging on to the tattered shreds of my denial.

(2)  That’s a direct quote from me this morning, by the way.