Getting To Know You (Part One)

In the course of a conversation yesterday it was mentioned that I was “difficult to get to know.”  Now from my point of view this isn’t particularly true, but it’s true enough that the observation didn’t sting me even a little bit, and even my impulse to protest was fleeting, but I did find myself thinking about those words later that night.

It’s certainly true that when I’m not being an extrovert I am definitely an introvert, and the flippant part of me wanted to retort something like “I’m not difficult to know, just hard to believe,” while simultaneously another portion of myself was musing, “It took me years of effort for me to get to know myself as well as I do, why would it be easier for anybody else?”

But mostly I found myself thinking about a story about my maternal grandfather that baffles some people, but it never baffled me because I understood the man.

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