Straight Talk (Part One)

“How does something like the Sandy Hook shooting happen?” is a question that’s going to be asked and argued for some time to come, and despite many people’s beliefs, an adequate answer that is both complete and simple is going to be elusive.  This is often the case with questions like that, but it’s going to be especially true with this question for a very simple reason:

Because the incomplete answers are hot button issues in the United States; the type of issues I never discuss with anyone outside a small group of trusted friends and family who have proven to me time and time again that they are capable of having an intelligent conversation respectful of the fact that differing points of view are actually possible without the other person being evil and/or an idiot.

For instance, one incomplete answer to the question of “How does something like the Sandy Hook shooting happen?” is “Because guns are so easy to obtain.”  Don’t bother yelling at me for saying that because, like it or not, it remains a fact that this kid couldn’t have shot anyone if he hadn’t been able to get his hands on the guns in the first place.  Also don’t bother yelling at me for calling it an incomplete answer because, like it or not, it is an incomplete answer at best, and at worst it’s a glib attempt to oversimply and/or gloss over other, equally important, aspects of this tragedy.

But it’s a place to start.


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