Straight Talk (Part Four)

And let’s be honest here.  We all know somebody who we know in our hearts that placing a gun in their hand would just be a bad idea.  (And if you don’t, I direct you to the old joke about “there’s always at least one weirdo riding public transportation at any given time; and if you don’t see them, it’s you.”)  Heck, some of us know people who we know in our hearts that placing string in their hand would be a bad idea!

And right now, that topic is what a lot of people want to talk about.  They’re entitled; it’s part of the First Amendment.  You know, that amendment that comes before the second one.

So let ’em talk.  In fact, I encourage you to join in – respectfully – because guns are a subject that needs to be talked about more in the United States, particularly without fear of reprisals.  I have more I could say on the subject myself, in fact.

But that’s not the only subject that needs to be talked about, and I’m out of time for this week, so we’ll have to pick this up another time . . . after Christmas, I think.

Happy Holidays, all, and if you can enjoy the time with your family . . . then I suggest you be glad that you have that option.


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