Dreaming Of A White Christmas

So I thought I had it bad when I realized I had failed to lay in a critical household supply, necessitating a Christmas Eve grocery store run.

But I wasn’t even close.

The folks checking out in front of me looked like they had forgotten to buy anything for a holiday meal, but it turns out they had actually completely prepared for Christmas dinner with their extended family when they arrived.

What they were not prepared for was the call they received this morning from their kids saying, “Mom, Dad, great news, we and the kids are actually going to make it in a day early!  That won’t be a problem, right?”

Pro tip, kids:  People in that situation will often say it’s not a problem, when in fact, it is a huge problem, and if you pull that trick too often, it’s a fast way to guarantee a white Christmas for yourself.

(They still cover cadavers in the morgue with white sheets, right?)

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