No Matter What

Son, I know I say no to you a lot right now, and I’ll spare you any lines about that being my “job,” because my job is to do my best for you and by you, and while sometimes that does involve me telling you no, my job is a lot more involved than any one word.  For what it’s worth, I also do my best to say yes to you as often as I can, and while striking the proper balance of that is often challenging for me, that particular challenge doesn’t get to me.

What gets to me is when I have to be somewhere else when you want me to stay with you.

Since you and I spend a lot of time together, we have it better in that regard than many, perhaps even most fathers and sons, but no matter the necessity at times of me leaving when you want me to stay, that doesn’t make my leaving, however temporary, any more fun for you or me.

I just wanted to say I’m sorry for that, and that I will always be sorry for that.


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