Proof That You’re Never Too Old To Make A Rookie Mistake

(This story is, of course, told with prior consent from all involved.)

“I have a weird nose,(1)” Lala said as she considered herself in the mirror this morning.

Now, kids, this is the point where a smart man finds something interesting to do in another room, and that’s exactly what I should have done, and I most decidedly should not have said, “It’s a little on the big side, sure, but who am I to talk?”(2)

There was a moment’s silence, then I heard, “Wait!  I have a big nose?”  There was just enough pause at this point for me to have time to appreciate the full horror of my situation, then Lala wailed, “I do!  I have a big nose!”

Sadly, despite my prayers, Zeus couldn’t spare any thunderbolts in my direction, so there was no easy way out of my predicament either.

Fortunately, a quick example with a handy fedora and an improvised red scarf proved my point that not only who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!  But what nose is easily seen by the eyes of men? My Shadow nose!

Happily, that evened the score again, because, like I said, who am I to talk?

In fact, I’m giving serious consideration to not talking at all for a few days.


(1) She doesn’t.

(2)  “Oh, Rob . . . NO!” was L’s Mother’s horrified response at this point of my telling her this tale.


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