Other Moments Make Up For It, Yes, But Not Right Then And There

As I’ve said before, fatherhood has its share of frustrations . . . things that nobody tells you about.

Sure, you think you know about diaper changes, maybe you even do have lots of experience changing diapers, but then you drag yourself out of bed one morning and face a diaper that goes beyond war crime level and is more akin to an offense against sanity itself.  The type of diaper that after changing you are tempted to bypass washing your hands with soap and water in favor of using a flamethrower or a potato peeler instead, and no matter how thoroughly you clean, you’re just convinced something from the diaper you changed must be lingering somewhere, perhaps under your fingernails, because that miasma can’t just be a lingering memory, can it?

At times like that though, at that moment right there, do you know what makes it all worth it?

Absolutely nothing.


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