Things DO Change (Part Two)

For most of my life I struggled with an erratic sleep schedule, meaning, in other words, that getting out of bed at a precise time was always a challenge . . . and one I frequently failed.  Oh, I never missed a shift at work or an appointment or anything like that, but if there was any flexibility in my schedule, no matter how important getting up at a particular time was to me before I went to sleep, it was significantly less important to me by the time the alarm went off.  Insomnia was a frequent result/cause of this.

Then my son was born, and insomnia became a luxury I could no longer afford, and sleep became a precious, precious commodity that was always in short supply.  Now that he’s older, time to sleep is something I have more reliably, but I still can’t afford insomnia because most days require me to not only be awake at a particular time, but alert enough to function at a “watching toddler” level.  Even those days when someone else is getting up with him, I find myself waking up automatically around 6:45 to 7:15 just to make sure I don’t need to get up, then go back to sleep, and if my eyes fly open at 7:35, my first thought is “I overslept!”

So yeah . . . things definitely change.

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