We Then Told The Other Housemate, Who Promptly Proclaimed Her Hatred For Us Both

Sign of maturity:  When you find something unpleasant floating in a cup of coffee that had been left out overnight, you do not take a picture and send it to your housemates.  You simply clean the cup.

Sign of the current limits of said maturity:  After thoroughly cleaning the cup, however, you do consider telling your housemates about what you found, just not telling them which cup it was.

Sign of maturity:  You do not actually do this.

Proviso:  Intentionally.

Sign of maturity:  You are mildly horrified to realize that as you are in the process of telling this story to one of your housemates, she has poured herself a fresh cup of coffee and commented that, “This coffee taste’s different, good, but different.”

Sign of the current limits of said maturity: Despite your horror, you manage to casually tell her, “Maybe that’s because the cup you’re using is the cup I was telling you about.”

Sign that maturity is overrated:  She favors you with a truly delighted smile and says, “I thought it tasted nutty!”

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