Lies (Part Two)

By way of example, let me tell you about the greatest guy I only ever got to meet once, Tim.  (That’s his real name, by the way, no pseudonyms for this story.  I only use those for the living.)

(Yep . . . you got it in one.  He’s dead.)

Tim was a guy who could have decided to hate my guts, and arguably make a case for doing so.  I married the one true love of his life, you see, but he knew he was wrong for her, so rather than hating me for “taking” her from him, he thanked me instead.

He was that kind of guy.  I wish he wasn’t right about being wrong for her, but he was, but more than that, I wish he was right about why he was wrong for her . . . but he wasn’t right about that.

Put simply, Tim believed he was a horrible person.  He wasn’t . . . he was one of the greatest, most genuinely human men it has ever been my honor to know, however briefly, but Tim never believed that because Tim had been lied to his entire life.  His entire life he had been told that he was stupid, worthless, and weak . . . and Tim believed those lies.

To be fair, it can be hard not to believe something your father tells you over and over again even before you can understand his words.


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