Tim (Part One)

Until last week I never really considered mentioning Tim here at all because I felt it wasn’t really my place, that he was primarily part of someone else’s story, not mine.  A little reflection on my part was all it took for me to realize just how silly that idea was.

So let me tell you how I met Tim.

Tim was L’s mother’s ex, and she was, without a doubt, the love of his life.  I’d heard stories from her about Tim off and on over the years, but they were only just that to me, stories.  They didn’t really become real for me until the day we found out Tim had leukemia and it wasn’t looking good, and L’s mother asked if we could go visit him.  There’s just no way you can say no to that question and feel good about yourself, let me tell you, and I wouldn’t have tried even if I’d been so inclined, which I wasn’t.  But after everything was arranged, some of those stories started to come back to me.

Tim is an obsessive body builder . . .

Tim took a symbol I once drew to represent me and had it tattooed on himself as a strength totem . . .

This one time Tim nearly put some guy’s head through a car window for harassing me . . .

And all those stories flashed through my mind at once when L’s mother told me, “It’s all set, and Tim is really looking forward to finally meeting you!”

As I recall, my reaction upon hearing her say that was “Greeeeeaaaaaat,” and wondering if I had just agreed to a huge mistake.


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