Tim (Part Four)

Yep . . . you got it in one.  He’d died.  He was doing well, recovering from his bone marrow transplant, and then, well . . . the odds suddenly started beating back, sudden enough that Tim didn’t have time to write down or otherwise pass on our contact information to his mother.  Our gift, complete with our return address, arrived over a full month after the funeral, and to this day I don’t envy Tim’s mother having to sit down and write the letter to us that she did.  In short, she told us the bare bone details I included above, unnecessarily assured us Tim would have loved the shirt, then asked if we’d like her to return it to us.

Naturally, we told her no.

And there you have it.   Not the ending I wanted for this story, but the Valkyrie don’t care if you won or lost the battle, only how well you fought it, and Tim fought like the champion he was all the way to the end.  How could I not respect a guy like that?

So why did I say he was wrong for L’s mother then?

Well . . .


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