Tim (Part Five)

The problem was that Tim put L’s mother on a pedestal, idealized everything about her, and in his eyes she could do no wrong.

Yeah, yeah, I know.  At least some people out there right now are thinking, “That doesn’t sound like a problem to me at all,” and I’m sure it’d be fun for a little while, but what about for a lifetime?  That’s not a partnership, a relationship of equals . . . that’s a worshipper and an altar.

Still not convinced that could be a problem?  Alright, if the idea of someone endlessly agreeing with you no matter what doesn’t horrify you like it does me, consider this:

Tim was the one who broke it off with L’s mother because he felt not just that he was “unworthy” of her, but that he would never be “worthy” of her.

Starting to see the problem yet?

But even though it would never have been good for either one of them long-term, I still wish the two of them had gotten more time together before things happened the way they did . . . but if I’m going to start wishing, I might as well end this entry on a really big wish.  I wish Tim was still around so he could be “Uncle Tim” to my son.

This candle’s for you, buddy.


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