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The Confession For Today

December 17, 2013

Last time I sat down to work, I ended up struggling with one line in particular.  I don’t end up struggling with one line often, and when it does happen, it usually doesn’t take me very long to fix whatever is bothering me about said line, but this time was an exception.  It wasn’t even a critical line, just one I wanted to get right, and I knew I couldn’t call myself done for the day with that clunky line still on the page.

So I cut the line from that page and called it a day.

(Today, of course, I have to revisit that line on the next page, but that’s just the way of things.)

A Classic Mistake Revisited

December 16, 2013

The other day I overheard someone listening to some music, and the music was low enough that I couldn’t quite place what they were listening to, but it sounded familiar.  Since I knew this person, I asked her what the song was, because something about it vaguely reminded me of Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.

She “favored” me with one of those looks that she herself is probably a good five to ten years away from ever seeing directed her way by someone younger (but she will someday, oh yes, she will), and said, “It’s Christina Aguilera . . . obviously!”

“Obvious to you, maybe,” I chuckled.  “But to me, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, is the obvious one.”

(I didn’t have the heart to tell her that once she named the singer, I did happen to  recognize the song as Candyman, and that meant she was considering a pop song more than five years old as “obviously” recognizable.  In this day and age, she’s got a rude shock ahead of her, and it might not even take five years to reach her.)

True Story

December 13, 2013

I’m still feeling ill enough that I don’t consider myself “fully coherent” yet, but I’m at least coherent enough to not consider myself fully coherent, which I told myself must be a sign of some coherence.

Then I asked myself if that thought was coherent enough to share, and decided I’d mull it over while I started a second steeping on my tea.  I looked around for the tea bag, was momentarily confused by my inability to find it, then I realized I had thrown it away earlier.   Why I would have done this was a mystery to me, then the answer struck me:

I’m not fully coherent yet.

So I’ll be tabling any “thoughts profound” for another day, because today the best I can do is “otherwise.”


That’s . . . A Really Good Point

December 12, 2013

The easiest time to cure an illness is before it is accepted as a part of the self-image.

Jane Roberts


And I’m Going To Work On This As Soon As I Finish Work Or Feel Better . . . Whichever Comes First

December 11, 2013

People who cannot find time for recreation are obliged sooner or later to find time for illness.

–  John Wanamaker

How Am I Feeling Today, You Ask? Well . . .

December 10, 2013

“It’s unpleasantly like being drunk.”
“What’s so unpleasant about being drunk?”
“You ask a glass of water.”

Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Credit Where Credit Is Due

December 9, 2013

As I have learned time and time again, while you do get credit for the self-realization that you have been difficult to deal with lately, you don’t get nearly as much credit as you would have if you’d had that realization before people started telling you to go the Hell.

This Is Even MORE Relevant In The Age Of Social Media

December 6, 2013

The correct way to punctuate a sentence that states: “Of course it is none of my business, but — ” is to place a period after the word “but.”

Robert A. Heinlein

So There Was That

December 5, 2013

After marking yesterday’s anniversary, something occurred which underscored just how much life has changed for me, not just over the past five years, but over . . . well . . . let’s just say “a longer span of time,” shall we?

This morning I woke up very much aware of the various priorities and deadlines I was going to end up finessing today, as well as the ones that could be dealt with just as well tomorrow to make room for what needed to be done today.  Nothing unusual in that . . . it’s just part of my routine these days, but there was a time I would have handled the exact same situation just a trifle differently.  I would have ignored everything to the maximum extent possible, then improvised and/or bluffed my way around anything that absolutely couldn’t be ignored.

A popular student with my teachers I was not at that point in my life.

But as inefficient as that method of what I can only laughingly call “time management” was, it did have at least one advantage:

I got really good at improvisation and bluffing.

Five Years

December 4, 2013

Five years I’ve been maintaining Candles & Curses.

To put this in perspective, that’s long enough that this year I remembered in advance the anniversary was coming up, thereby breaking a four-year trend of missed anniversaries and/or jokes about missing them.

Maybe next year I’ll actually have something to say about the anniversary, but for now I feel simply marking the milestone is enough.