Okay, Okay! I Get It!

My dreams for the last few days and nights have been . . . odd, almost fever dream odd except that I’m not running a fever.  For example:

There was a point I was dreaming I was surrounded by a variety of kid’s cartoon characters (no one specific, but all clearly inspired by kid’s cartoons).  This, in and of itself, didn’t strike me as unusual (being one of my dreams and all), but I was distressed to see that these characters were all bobbing and swaying their heads like they were drunk, which I thought was inappropriate given their particular cartoon style was aimed specifically at toddler-age kids.   That’s precisely what I told them too.

In response, as one they all looked me in the eye and intoned, “We’re not drunk!  We’re out of our heads with exhaustion . . . just . . . like . . . you!”



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