So a good friend of mine, Matthew Phillion, recently completed the path to publication for his book, The Indestructibles, leaving me in something of a quandary. You see, I’m genuinely happy for him and want to congratulate him, but males in general, and writers in particular, have a reputation for being overcompetitive and better at insulting than complimenting one another. While that’s not entirely true, of course, I confess my first thought was to playfully rake him over the coals a bit as tradition requires. You know, something along the lines of “Since I am mentioned in the acknowledgements, I am contractually obligated to say something nice about your book here.”

But I decided all that would be inappropriate.

Congratulations, Matt. You fought hard for this day, and you’ve definitely earned your laurels for this one. I doubt I’ll have the chance to read the finished product before this weekend at the earliest, but read it I shall.




And then I’ll rake you over the coals.


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