5. Now I Kind Of Want Potatoes

My grandfather once told me that thunder was nothing more than the crashing rumble of God tossing sacks full of potatoes to one side as he harvested his crop. This distant memory coming back to me today has spawned several thoughts:

1. Judging by the amount of thunder around here lately, the crop must be really good this year.

2. No, I didn’t believe he was being literal or even serious when he told me this, but . . .

3. Now that I think about it, I can’t help but notice what saying something like that implies about my grandfather’s worldview. Even God harvests his own potatoes.

4. Considering what kind of hot and sweaty work harvesting potatoes can be, I for one would prefer living in a Universe where God doesn’t just foist the unpleasant task on a bunch of lower ranking angels, but rolls up his sleeves and pitches in. That’s the sort of attitude I can respect.

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