Post-Father’s Day Thoughts

Truth be told, son, even after all this time I still do a little double take every time someone wishes me a happy Father’s Day. For so long Father’s Day was about my Dad, not me, that I spend a split-second moment thinking “Why are they saying that to me?” before my subsequent “Oh, yeah!” moment. That “Oh, yeah!” moment is a really good moment for me, son, let me tell you. It makes up for all the times I misjudged your trajectory as you ran toward me, and let you slip past my guard to headbutt me in the groin.

Which was once.


This morning.

But don’t worry about it, son. I managed to dodge that moment for over three years, and that’s a pretty good run when you think about it, particularly since when you finally did tag me, you only got a glancing shot. It’s kind of what being a father is all about really.

So was my sending you to your room until the shock wore off.

Thanks for being my son, son.

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