I Still Kinda Hope THEY Were “Lion”

Having difficulty finding anything I wanted to talk about today, I found myself browsing some of my older entries around this time from previous years, and found this little story about fireworks and “the second most dangerous situation” I’ve ever found myself in involving them. A quick search confirmed that I’ve yet to tell about the most dangerous situation I’ve ever been in involving fireworks, so here it is:

I was over at a friend’s house setting off bottle rockets, not in the woods, per se, but on a wooded lot (not the smartest move in and of itself, but it had rained recently and we had been warned/threatened to be extremely careful). It was nighttime, so we had no trouble visually following the path of the rockets, but we couldn’t see much else, which became important when a bottle rocket came down in a large bush, exploded, and the bush . . . growled.


Figuring discretion was the better part of valor, we beat a hasty retreat figuring at worst we had just angered a cougar, and probably nothing even that big, but why take chances? It was a pretty good-sized bush, after all.

The next day someone told me there had been some sort of accident involving the transport of circus animals, and that at least one African Lion had been in the woods that night . . .

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