The Difference A Letter Can Make

Some days its like the Universe is deliberately setting you up for a joke.

One of L’s toys has a game where you draw the letter on the screen with a stylus, then it spells out a word for you starting with that letter. Capital B is particularly tricky due to the double semicircles, and is the letter most likely to get him frustrated, so we’ve all gotten used to the toy repeating the letter B over and over again until he either gets it right, gets angry at it, and/or asks for help. At one point over the weekend though, the repetition of the letter B finally stopped, and a word started to be spelled:



Must be spelling ‘bite,’ his mother thought.



A quick double take later it was determined that L. had gotten frustrated with capital B, but instead of the toy expressing his frustration for him, it was merely dutifully spelling out the word “itch” after he decided to draw the far easier capital I instead . . .


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