At Least I’m Sure Now

I’ve made no secret of the fact that this week hasn’t been easy on me.  Truth be told, I’d be hard pressed to tell you off-hand the last time I even had an easy week, and when I sat down to write this, I was honestly not sure why.

Then in the course of trying to clear my head and find a topic to write about, I heard L. having no fewer than three emotional meltdowns, all of which culminated in Lala sending him to his room for a time out (which doesn’t exactly make the household any quieter, you understand), and the answer just sort of came to me.

We’ll get passed this stage, son, we really will.  To hear Mom tell it, I wasn’t a complete joy to be around at three either, so there’s a certain justice in all this . . . but I’m starting to realize just how much I’m in need of a little mercy here.

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