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Not ALL My Dreams Are Happy Ones

August 15, 2014

I am a ghost now.  I shall never again know comforting arms around me.

– A phrase I dreamt I saw crudely scrawled on the inside of an old abandoned refrigerator.  Somehow it seemed to fit the theme of the week.

Suicide Isn’t Painless

August 14, 2014

Ironically enough, it took yesterday’s news of a death to delay my acknowledgement of a death, specifically the death of Robin Williams.  By now there’s been enough general outpouring of emotion and opinion over it that I was tempted to keep my own reaction private, but I decided that would be doing a disservice to myself and to Mr. Williams.

Mr. Williams, I’ll do my best to keep the guilt trip to a minimum since you’ve gotten plenty of that already, I’m sure, but I want you to know that at this moment my anger at you taking your own life is greater than my sadness at your passing.  Once I realized the news was more than just another Internet rumor, my first reaction was “What the ____ were you thinking?!”

The sad truth is though, that I knew what you were thinking.  Oh, not the specifics unique to you, of course, but in general.  I’ve thought it too.  I think most of us have from time to time, just some of us more than others.

But you made the wrong call, sir, and left the rest of us to live with it . . . but live with it we shall.  I’m still angry, but I’ll get over it in time, so I forgive you.  You may well not need my forgiveness, but I know I need to give it, so there you have it.


Bogie And Bacall, Together Again

August 13, 2014

Yes, I saw Twilight – my granddaughter made me watch it, she said it was the greatest vampire film ever. After the “film” was over I wanted to smack her across her head with my shoe, but I do not want a (tell-all) book called Grannie Dearest written on me when I die. So instead I gave her a DVD of Murnau’s 1922 masterpiece Nosferatu and told her, “Now that’s a vampire film!”. And that goes for all of you! Watch Nosferatu instead!

Lauren Bacall, R.I.P.

An Unexpected Side Effect Of Training The Puppy

August 12, 2014

Yesterday my three-year-old asked me if I wanted a pretzel bite, and I told him that I did.  So he got one from the bag, and then, with a big grin on his face, he looked me dead in the eye and told me to “sit.”

But I Was Just Kidding. I KNOW How My Family Drives

August 11, 2014

At this point I would say that L. has mastered number recognition barring one . . . unexpected exception that I just learned about over the weekend.

We were out driving, and his mother pointed to a speed limit sign and asked him, “What does that sign say?”  (It said 45 MPH.)

L. looked at it, then grinned and said, “Sixty.”

In the shocked silence that followed I felt the need to observe, “He gets that from your side of the family, you know.”

A Quote In “Honor” Of These Past Few Weeks

August 8, 2014

Life’s too short to be pissed off all the time.

– Danny Vinyard, American History X

Training For Us Both

August 7, 2014

I don’t mind telling you, son, that one of the things I’ve always hated seeing in fiction (and in real life, come to think) is the adult who doesn’t listen to the kid who is trying to tell them something.  I hated it as a kid, and though I admit I have come to have more . . . sympathy for the adult than I did as kid, I hate it none the less to this day.  This is why if you tell me there’s something scary outside your window, I always looks even if I suspect it’s just a ploy for you to delay going to sleep a little while longer.  (I’m also always prepared to duck and/or move just in case there is something scary out there, but that’s a separate issue.)

So when you told me that one of your missing trains that has been missing for months was “in the rocker,” I dutifully began searching yet again even though we had looked in the cushions of the rocker before.  So once again I forced myself to ignore millennia of human instinct and began to blindly stick my hand into dark crevices, and once again I turned up empty-handed.  (Part of me was just relieved I got my hand back.  That instinct runs pretty strong in me, you know.)  I admit I was about to give up, but you were so adamant about your train being there and that you could see it this time, I gave it one more go even as I was telling you that I didn’t think there was anything there . . . then I felt the barest edge of what proved to be your missing train.

Good on you for being patient with me, son.

And The Older You Are, The More Likely You Are To Know HOW To Do It Safely

August 6, 2014

I don’t know why so many people worry about having “senior moments” as they get older.  While it’s certainly not the best idea in the world to get drunk before graduation, there are ways to do it safely.

If The Choice Be Mine . . .

August 5, 2014

After giving it a great deal of thought, I have concluded that it is healthier to believe in the possibility that someday we could be greater than we are now than it is to be “certain” that would be an impossibility.  Bottom line, we lack evidence either way, making both beliefs profoundly irrational, so why not pick the one which encourages us to be better?

Just Another Slice Of Life Moment

August 4, 2014

Since they no longer fit her, Lala has started to redesign some of her old clothes because, as she put it, “I’m sentimental about these shirts, but I have no problems cutting them.”

I hope she never gets sentimental about me!