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Just To Repay Their “Kindness” In Kind

September 16, 2014

I think when you tell someone that you’re giving up sweets for a month, and they offer to “take the bullet for you” by eating the sweets that you’re giving up so that you’ll be less tempted, you should point out to them that you’ll also be refraining from drinking drain cleaner for that month . . .

Throwing A Little Light On The Subject

September 15, 2014

Open your refrigerator door, and you summon forth more light than the total amount enjoyed by most households in the 18th century.

Bill Bryson

Something From The Desktop

September 12, 2014

Remember what I said the other day about constantly jotting things down?

Here’s an example in the form of a note I had forgotten about until just now when curiosity prompted me to open the file:

Sometimes the fight only ends when you refuse to throw the next punch; this is NOT the same thing as letting yourself continue to be hit though.

So It WASN’T Just Me Then, But Until She Said That, I Wasn’t Sure

September 11, 2014

“Did you take my coffee mug?” I asked Lala this morning.

“Noooo!” she answered, sounding a little offended at the question.

“Are you sure?” I persisted.

“I got this mug from the cabinet,” she insisted.

Given how bleary, particularly in the morning, I’ve been  these past few weeks, it seemed like a losing proposition to pursue this, but I was also too bleary to not pursue it just a little further.  “It’s just that I was positive I left that black mug near the coffee pot,” I explained.  “And I don’t remember that other black mug I see sitting clean on the counter being there five minutes ago.”

There was a pause, then a heartfelt response from Lala of “I am so sorry!  I’m still really sleepy!”

The More Things Change . . .

September 10, 2014

Since I am forever “jotting something down real quick,” I am particularly grateful for the digital age so that instead of the top of my desk being unable to been seen under all my notes, these days it’s just my desktop.

Thank You

September 9, 2014

Today I got the news that my mother’s beloved car, the car she promised to keep until one of them was dead and/or beyond all practical repair, has finally reached that point.

So this candle is for “Black Beauty” for all her years of faithful service, and in the hope that she enjoys her arranged retirement with the person able to devote the profoundly impractical amount of time and money she now requires.

That Didn’t Work Out So Well For Him

September 8, 2014

As I’m looking at the busy week ahead of me, I find myself thinking of an old buddy of mine, one of those “always give at least 100%, and preferably 110%” types that so many people admire.  Say what you will about him being mathematically challenged, no matter what he did, he always gave his all.

Right up until the day he went to donate blood . . .

Well . . . They’re NOT!

September 5, 2014

Last night I was sent out for a quick provisions run, and L’s Mother once again found an empty dessert pie box in among the grocery bags.  And once again, I expressed my “mystification” about how I keep ending up with those empty boxes whenever I end up going out for a grocery run that I don’t particularly feel like doing.

“Well,” she said after a moment.  “I hope nobody’s charging you for any empty boxes.”

I assured her that nobody was.

Just Something I’ve Noticed Over The Years

September 4, 2014

Every demon of betrayal was once an angel of friendship.

– Robert Alan

For Those Who Were Concerned

September 3, 2014

Yes, we went out on a date last night.