Who Can Tell? (Part One)

After far too many weeks of only having time and/or energy enough for brief thoughts at best, frequently in the form of quotes from other people, I finally have the capacity to do something more and . . .

The first thing that comes to mind is a quote.

That’s what you call irony.  (I’m still going to use that quote eventually, mind you, just not as my starter.)

Do you ever wonder why bad movies keep being made?  The short form is because they keep making money.  If a movie makes more money than it cost to make, it’s almost a certainty that someone will try to make another movie just like it, and at least some of the people involved in that movie will realize it’s a bad movie before it’s released.

Of course, an otherwise good script can be undone by bad acting, or editing, or any number of other missteps along the way to the finished product, so it’s forgivable if some people involved are surprised that the movie turned out bad, but I’m willing to bet that at least one person always knows they are about to release a bad movie.

So why do they release it?

In the hopes of making back at least a portion of the movie’s cost, of course.


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