Who Can Tell? (Part Seven)

On the personal front, some time in August I started recognizing how unpleasant I had become to be around, and started taking steps to change that.  It was a sobering time for me, to say the least.  Around that same time I had an equally sobering moment of realization of how much my work had been affected as well.

It involved my use of a spell checker.

Now as anyone who writes on the computer for a living knows, a spell checker is no substitute for proper editing, but its a useful tool so long as you don’t make the mistake of thinking it can work as a crutch.  I use it a lot, and I used it even more when my ridiculous schedule started to run such that none of my friendly editors had the time to review my pages.   Now I knew this was a bad sign in and of itself, but it’s always my goal to write my pages “perfectly” anyway, so I didn’t give it too much thought.  I edited my pages completely on my own, and hoped that when my editors did have time to review them, I’d wow them at how well I’d done despite the stress, the schedule, etc., etc.  This went on for weeks.

Then one day I realized that at some point my spell checker had stopped working . . . and I had simply failed to notice.


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