I’m Not Sure I Want To Be THAT Recognizable!

While doing some grocery shopping with L. and Lala today, L. and I got separated from Lala.  Knowing that she’d catch up with us eventually, I didn’t give this any thought, and, sure enough, she found us not long afterwards.  Then she said something I found strange:

“I sure am glad you’re recognizable!”

Even knowing that I wasn’t going to like the answer, I asked her what she meant anyway.

“While I was looking for you, someone on staff asked me if I needed help finding anything, and I told them I was looking for you,” she answered.  She followed this up by telling me that she’d rattled off two quick descriptors to this guy, then added, and I quote, “and pushing his clone around in a cart.”

“He’s over there,” the guy told her.


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