Awkward . . . But I’m STILL Glad We Watched The Movie Together

“That says ‘To Hell and Back,'” L. told me the other day as he browsed some titles on one of my bookshelves.

“Yes . . . yes it does,” I agreed, feeling a little perplexed.  While I knew L. was starting to read, I was sure (well . . . reasonably sure, at least), that I had successfully managed to avoid introducing the word “hell” into his vocabulary, so I found myself wondering just how in the hell he’d managed to learn that word in the first place.

Then, as if in response to my unspoken question, or perhaps just to my quizzical expression, he looked me in the eye and said:

“You know, do a little god dance, chant some mystic mumbo jumbo, dazzzle ’em with some smoke and mirrors, and then get the hell back to Spain!”

“Right,” I chuckled.  “We have been watching a lot of The Road To El Dorado lately, haven’t we?” I asked rhetorically.

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