Made You Say It! (Part Two)

It was right after one of those “I don’t want YOU!” outbursts had prompted me to seek my fortune in another room of the house, that L. followed me and, in a dazzling display of four-year-old audacity, asked, “Will you get me a cookie?”

“Oh!  So now you want me!  Now you need me, don’t you?” I sneered.

Unsure what was happening here, my son tentatively asked me again, “Will you get me a cookie?”

Say you need me first!” I chortled.  “Say you need your Daddy!”

“No,” he pouted.

I remained unmoved.  “Then no cookie for you!” I crowed, “because you need me to get you a cookie . . . now say it!”

Thus outmaneuvered and defeated, say it he did.  He giggled a lot as he said it, but he still said it, and I am never going to let him forget that he did!  All in all a single cookie is a small price to pay for that kind of triumph.

And between you and me, immature or not, it felt pretty good too.


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