Make Your Memories While You Can

Today I did a very “Dad” thing when my son asked me if he could have a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast.  Knowing that they were indeed delicious, I told him he could have one if he said, “My Daddy is the greatest Daddy ever!”  He did (with gusto, I might add), so I gave him a cookie.  (Yes, I had one too.)

While I know all that sounds straight out of a “Dads . . . you know how they are” stand-up routine (it’s only missing getting caught by Mom and stammering out some lame excuses), the reason why I did it probably won’t end up in a comedy act.

The other day L. and his mother were talking about how he came out of her tummy and became her child (We’ll go over the more precise details another time, son), when out of the blue he said, “Remember when I choked on dog food and went into your tummy to become your child?”

To the best of my knowledge he has, of course, never eaten dog food, much less choked on it . . . not in this life, at least.

Does it necessarily mean anything that he said that?  No, of course not, but it was a disturbing enough image for me regardless, that when my son asked me this morning if he could have a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast, I decided he damn well could have a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast this morning.

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