Gang Aft Agly Indeed (Part One)

Regarding yesterday:

Recently I realized . . . hmmm . . . let me scratch out “realized,” replace it with “stopped pretending,” and start again.

Recently I stopped pretending that my stress level was anything less than worrisome.  I mean I’ve known this for a while now, but I kept dismissing it as “just something that comes along with parenthood.”  It wasn’t until I started organizing my schedule a bit more by color coding the importance of given tasks with a simple green-yellow-red level of critical importance that I noticed something that brought it all home for me.

There were no green “Everything in this category is fine” tasks on my list, everything on my list was some shade of yellow or red, and those colors only deepened as the list grew longer day by day.  As things stood, not only was I looking at a “no win” situation, I could no longer deny that I had been in a “no win” situation for some time now.

Obviously a change was in order.

But first I decided I needed a break from the stress, and that a relaxing day off would do me enough good to easily balance out ignoring my failing and flailing schedule for one day, allowing me to come back fresh to start making the necessary changes to get out of my “no win” spiral.

And I like to think it would have to . . .

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