Windows Of (False) Opportunity

As much as I enjoy fantasy art, its frequent portrayal of improbably shaped women in impractical costumes almost never fails to make me shake my head a bit.

Oh, not at the improbably shaped women (It’s fantasy art, after all, and, like it or not, those improbably shaped women are some people’s fantasies.), but at the “armor” (or lack thereof) that frequently seems to include a large gaping hole over the heart area.  I always pitied those poor women warriors going into battle with such a . . . dramatic flaw in their protection.

The other night though, I started to wonder if I had been wrong all along.  Maybe those breast windows are there to give their opponents a false sense of security, because as I considered one particular piece of art, I suddenly realized that to support a chest of that size, this woman’s breastbone simply had to be magically reinforced . . .


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