Sometimes You Have To Consider The Possibility That Reality Might Be Funnier Than You Are

As my week of snark continues, I was glancing over a drink menu last night and found myself contemplating how drink names have gone from the mildly risqué “Sex on the Beach” (And if this is the first time you’ve ever heard of that drink, welcome to the Internet!  Enjoy your first day.) to legitimate grounds for sexual harassment, and I’m not talking about the drink.  (Because, of course, there is one.(1))

In light of that, I found myself tempted to saunter up to the bar and order the most fantastically offensive list of random words and concepts I could string together, the sort of thing that if I posted here I’d ended up self-censoring out every word except for “the” and assorted prepositions, just to see what happened, but in the end(2) I restrained myself.

NOT because I was afraid of causing offense, mind you . . . but for fear the bartender would just nod and start mixing my drink.


(1) Yes, I noticed the typo too, but I suspect so long as all the alcoholic components are spelled correctly, typos don’t really matter in drink recipes.

(2) I will neither confirm nor deny the possibility that particular phrase might contain a clue to some of the words/concepts I was considering including.

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