Today’s Alarming Lesson

This morning, son, we both got the opportunity to learn something important.  I learned that when I’m awoken by an unfamiliar sounding alarm combined with the sound of you screaming, I can move calmly but swiftly toward your room as I prepare myself to do whatever is necessary to get you out of the situation . . . the worst case situation in this case being fire.  (I recently replaced all the smoke detectors in the house, so when I heard the alarm, my first sleep-addled thoughts naturally led me there.)

Fortunately, all that was actually required of me (this time) was to turn off your ridiculously harsh sounding alarm clock that neither of us knew had been turned on.

In the process I learned that I am indeed capable of keeping my head in that kind of situation (one never really knows that sort of thing until it happens), which is nice to have confirmed, and, hopefully, you learned there’s a reason I keep telling you to stop pressing buttons at random, even harmless buttons like the ones on your clock, particularly when you don’t know what will happen . . .


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