Some Of My Grandmother’s Memories (Part One)

Last week I did a lot of household reorganization, and in the process I unearthed some memories my grandmother set to paper before she died, so I thought it’d be nice if I spent this week sharing a few of those memories here.

Note:  Like my mother who originally typed these pages up for me, I’m choosing to not make any editorial corrections to grammar, spelling, etc.  Sadly, my grandmother wasn’t at her best when she wrote these pages, but this is the way she wrote them, and I feel it’s important to preserve that save for when I feel some spacing is required for ease of reading.  Under better circumstances, her writing was far more crisp.

“Papa took me with him to the field, maybe to give Mama a break.  I imagined I was pretty much of a stinker.

He sowed wheat to thrash and grind into flour for bread for the winter.  I guess he let me throw down some seed.  I thought I helped.

Some man came by.  I told him that we were going to raise some biscuits.”


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