Some Of My Grandmother’s Memories (Part Four)

“Mama and Papa decided to move to Oklahoma.  It seemed to be his idea, but I guess she wanted to move too.”

“On or way there, we camped out two nights.  The first night, we camped close to a creek.  Mama cooked our supper on a campfire.  She fried potatoes and flap jacks, called pancakes now.  We had butter, molasses and other things they brought.  It sure tasted good after we had rode in a wagon all day.  When you ride in a wagon, it seems like you will never get to where you are going.

The second night, we camped over the line in Oklahoma.  It was dark.  We hadn’t gone to bed.  We still had a campfire going.  Here was s a terrible noise in the woods coming toward us.  I saw a light.  They said, “Oh, it’s a train”.  I had heard them talk about trains, but they didn’t tell me that they ran on tracks.  So I tore out running.  I thought I had to get away from it.  Papa caught me and took me back to the wagon.”

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