My Father’s Day Checklist

Be woken up by son in the morning.  Check.

Set up sprinkler for son to play in, only to be informed by him that he’d rather play on the computer.  Check.

Get angry.  Check.

Remind myself not to be “that Dad.”  Check.

Put away sprinkler while telling my son he can do what he wants . . . provided it’s not on the computer because he’s been spending too much time on the computer again and he probably shouldn’t have reminded me of that.  Check.

Cut myself some slack for being “that Dad” because he really has been spending too much time on the computer lately.  Check.

Delay calling my own father for Father’s Day because my son is having an emotional meltdown over not being allowed on the computer.  Check.

Wait ten minutes, then play trains with now happy son who gleefully keeps stealing any train I try to play with so he can hide it from me.  Check.

Recognize that dripping sound is NOT a good thing.  Check.

Tell my son now he can play on the computer while I check . . . yep, that looks like a clogged condensate drain to me.  Check.

Be grateful that I know what the hell that is.  Check.

Go out and buy myself a wet vac because A) I should really have one anyway, and B) It’ll still be cheaper than calling a repairman.  Check.

Use my new wet vac to suck out a gallon of algae clogged water from my AC system.  Check.

Realize I have just had the archetypical Father’s Day.  Check.


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