Did I Mention That He Died On The Titanic?

This is one of those days when an inordinate number of thoughts are clamoring for my attention, so I’m just going to pick one:

Jacques Futrelle certainly isn’t a name you hear often these days, which is a shame for someone described as the first American after Poe to write any “important” detective stories.  You’d think the creator of a character with a name like Augustus S. F. X. Van Dusen (a.k.a, “The Thinking Machine”) would get more than more than the occasional notice . . . but you’d be wrong.

Fiction can be a tough business.


3 Responses to “Did I Mention That He Died On The Titanic?”

  1. Robert Alan Says:

    I read where Poe himself died face down in the street, a poor man. It is a shame that our society does not appreciate talent when they read it until it is too late in many cases.

  2. Robert Alan2 Says:

    I will sign off in the future as Robert Alan2 so as not to confuse readers.

  3. Robert Alan Says:

    Good thinking. But in fairness to society, talent isn’t always the most . . . stable of personality traits.

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