Okay, Maybe Calling It “Logic” Is A Bit Of An Overstatement, But It Was Still Satisfying

Some days it’s winning the little battles that feels the most satisfying, like successfully using logic to sway your four-year-old:

“That’s it!  I am done with you fussing because what you are playing with doesn’t do exactly what you want it do despite the fact that not only was it not designed to do that, but will never in a million years actually do that without you taking the time to gain the knowledge and skill to redesign that toy from the ground up, so in the meantime I strongly suggest you either stop fussing at it, or that you play with something else for a little while, because if you fuss even once in the next fifteen minutes you can fuss it out in a time-out without any of those toys until I get bored.  That’s a full fifteen fuss free minutes I’m talking about here, by the way, and since it’s 6:32 now, that means any fussing before that clock says 6:48 lands you in time-out, so chose your next action very carefully.”

*4-year-old considers this, then goes to quietly play with a different toy for 20 minutes, and doesn’t fuss on my watch for the rest of the night*



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