Not Because It Was Unhealthy, Per Se, But Because You Hadn’t EARNED That Kind Of Special Privilege With Me This Week

Today you asked me if I was your friend, son, and I didn’t know how to answer you at first.  As you’ll come to understand in the fullness of time, there are good reasons why “I’m not your friend, I’m your parent!” is a meme, and however well we get along now, my dad certainly wasn’t my friend during the time I was under his roof.

And yet . . .

I don’t base my life on memes, and in ways both good and bad, I’m not my dad, so here’s my answer:

Son, I am your friend . . . conditionally.  I am now and will always be your friend as much as you will allow me to be, but I am without condition your father first, last, and always.

And that, incidentally, is why I told you no ice cream for breakfast.


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