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Tacky, I Know, But My Audience LOVED It

September 30, 2015

(And now for a lighter moment to change the subject.)

“What does P.U. stand for?”  L. asked me this morning.

“Pepsi Uncle,” I answered.  (Pepsi Uncle was the name of a long ago jack-o-lantern of mine when I was around L’s age so I could call it “P.U. Pumpkin.”)

“No!” L. laughed.  “What does P.U.P. stand for?”

“Oh!” I exclaimed as I realized where this was going.  “It stands for pup!”

“Yes!” L. giggled.  “What does P.U.P.P. stand for?”

“The same as pup, just with some extra P,” I answered, then paused.  “That pup needs to go outside!”

Link To The Definition Of “Tact” Provided For Those In Cyberspace Who Are Unfamiliar With The Word

September 29, 2015

Part of me feels like I soft-pedaled yesterday’s entry, but the only reason I feel that way is . . .

Well . . . because I did soft-pedal yesterday’s entry.

It can be difficult to acknowledge that something is actually your fault, and to take responsibility for it. (I know because, despite my years of practice, I still have difficulty with that myself.)  Having someone screaming in your face “STOP BEING STUPID!!!” just does not help.  Sometimes a little tact is required.

Even If The Answer Is Just “Stop Hanging Out With Jerks”

September 28, 2015

As a conversation with someone reminded me last night, there can be lots of reasons why relationships don’t work out, but the only certain commonalty between all your relationships is you.  The more the same things keep happening to you with different people, beyond a certain point it’s time to start asking yourself what you need to start doing differently . . .

You Know . . . Sometimes The Things I Say Sound Strange Even To ME . . .

September 25, 2015

Shesh . . . you tell ONE chainsaw wielding lunatic you don’t have much time, so only take a little off the top, and you get labeled for life!

– Said as part of a conversation about “haunted” houses.  Only 35 days until Halloween.

I’m Recovering As Fast As I Can, I Promise!

September 24, 2015

Since the aforementioned “it” is still piled high, and I, though better, fell asleep again at one point for far longer than I could afford, I’m keeping this brief today.  (Mental note:  Tell the silver rings story as soon as I have more time.  Remember to mentioned that here to increase the chances of somebody reminding me to tell the silver rings story in case I forget.)

Son, while I appreciate your optimism and admit that it is endearing, getting a big smile on your face every time you see me out of bed and announcing, “You’re no longer sick anymore!” is actually making me feel a little worse.

Some Of It In LITERAL Piles

September 23, 2015

Okay . . . finally starting to feel clearheaded again.  I’m glad whatever I had was fairly mild, just a few days of being draggy and feeling foggy, nothing worse.  Right then, time to get back to it.

I can’t help but notice that an awful lot of “it” has piled up while I was sick though . . .

And Yet That Was A Headline I Saw On My “News” Feed Today

September 22, 2015

Okay . . . I’m slightly more coherent than yesterday, but it’s a slim difference at best, so I’m still going to keep this brief.  I just want to say that I didn’t choose yesterday’s quote solely because it bubbled across my social media feed . . . the topic has been on my mind for a while now.

What is and is not “news” in general is a debate I’m in no position to have at the moment, but with that said, I’m pretty sure that “Two people with mutual dislike raise their voices at each other” is too mundane and unsurprising a thing to qualify as “news.”

Largely Incoherent Today, So Here’s A Coherent Quote From Somebody Else

September 21, 2015

We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom.

E. O. Wilson

As Robert Alan Did Candles and Curses (A Collaborative Effort With My Son)

September 18, 2015

While it is nice that you’ve taken an interest in my work, son, it’s a little difficult to concentrate when you’re on my elbow urging me to “Write something!  Write something!”

What do you have to say to that?

As Robert Alan Did Candles and Curses He Had A Book On The Website Named Robert Alan Takes On The Darkness As He Did It He Has Known It

I’m not sure that really answered my question, kiddo.

But at least it’s not random letters.

WordPress Has Became Candles And Curses (A Special Guest Entry From My Son)

September 17, 2015

When WordPress Has Became Candles And Curses Robert Alan Has Shown Up And Made Entries On The Website And He Did And I Did Entries To Good Bye

(He really wanted to help me out today, so here is his own entry exactly as he wrote it.)