Sometimes You Stub Your Toe On The Milestone As You Pass, But You Still Pass It

Given how early he started teething, it should have been no surprise that L. lost his first baby tooth last night . . . but it managed to surprise us all anyway.  We all knew one of his front teeth was a little loose (a fact which . . . displeased L.), but none of us thought it was that loose, which is probably why nobody thought anything of having corn on the cob for dinner until after the tooth was gone.  L. promptly went from displeased to distraught over this, and no amount of congratulations and talk from his mother and Lala about how this meant he was growing up and this was a good thing made him feel any better.

For what it’s worth, son, I knew exactly how you felt even before I flashbacked to some of my own childhood lost teeth experiences.

Right now, even though this is exactly what it is, you don’t see this as an opportunity for new growth; you only see the gaping hole left behind by something you’ve lost, and you know that it hurts.  I understand, I really do.  I won’t tell you that everything will be alright in time (even though it will), because right now all you care about is right now, and that’s okay.


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